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MEGS stands for the Michigan Electronic Grants System. The system was established in 2001 by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). MEGS is a comprehensive Web application that uses modern technology to simplify the grant application and management process. Although it is based on advanced technology, MEGS is designed to be used by even the most novice Internet user.

The purpose of MEGS is to do the following:

1. Provide grant applicants with a streamlined, easy to use, consistent grants application process that utilizes Internet technologies.

2. Provide State Program Offices with an easy to use, efficient grants management system to manage the grant application process. This process includes the full range of activities, from the announcement of grants and receipt and review of applications, through the formulation of grant funding recommendations.

3. Provide access to grant application information and reporting data that is stored centrally, allowing department-wide access to grant-related data for individual grant programs or for specific applicants across a range of grant programs.

4. Provide the ability for high level managers to manage the final approval process for all grants under the control of the Department of Education and to access information concerning all grants in the system.

In order to improve the flow of information in the grants process, MEGS interacts with a variety of other State of Michigan systems. These systems include MEIS (Michigan Education Information System), the Grant Accounting System, and the School Code Master.

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